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50 lemons for 50 persons and 5o lemons for one person

50 lemons for 50 persons and 5o lemons for one person

50 ሎሚ ለ50 ሰው ጌጥ፣ ለአንድ ሰው ደግሞ ሸክም

50 lomi le 50 swe get, leand sew shekim

5o lemons for 50 persons are jewel where are 50 lemons for one person are heavy weight

The issue of youth unemployment in Ethiopia did became like the case of 50 lemons for one person. If we all paid attention, we can bring all the youth to job market and help cultivate national and global economy. We id prove it recently when we made global record by planting more than 350million seedlings in a single day!

We can still do the same if we start national campaign of hiring lots of youth per day.


Lets see how it can be made possible, Ethiopia has big population and big administrative offices within government system.  There are about 670 rural woreda and about 100 urban woreda=870 districts. Some of the districts are wealth districts such as the ones in Addis Ababa. Lets assume that 3 million graduates from universities and colleges are actively seeking for job in Ethiopia. If we divide the total unemployed graduates with the total districts in the country, it will be about 3500. Thus, every district in Ethiopia is expected to find career for 3500 graduates. We do also have NGOS, Industries, UN organizations, private employers, consultants, direct investment based SMEs, as additional alternatives to share the initiatives. Exporting some of the youth for legal pre-agreed international job market can also be considered. I am certain that more than 90% can be employed.