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50 lemons for 50 persons and 5o lemons for one person


Such steps can also give chances for districts in remote areas to get manpower easily; we know most of the youth are looking for job in urban areas. In rural areas, even if there are vacant positions, the employment mandate is not given to the districts. Only regional or zonal structures can decide about job creation. My students are calling and reporting about the problem they face in rural Ethiopia. Even if there is possibility to hire them, the decision making is not given for local districts. Part of the mission in facilitating employment should also target opening up the existing system of government employment.

For example, the last two years, all the Human Nutrition graduates in Somalia and Benishangul Regions got job within one week of graduation. The reason was that the regional and zone leaders were making decisions and they did hire all the youth. The other reason is that shortage of trained manpower is highest in regions far from central Ethiopia.

So, lets start promoting national campaign for record youth employment in Ethiopia

It is possible ….. It is also best we can do to help the Ethiopian parents of unemployed graduates

It is the best way to help Ethiopian Economy. Friends of Ethiopia should also join the campaign … yes, it is possible