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Livelihood & Entrepreneurship Officer

UNDP is currently seeking a qualified Livelihood & Entrepreneurship Officer to provide a technical leadership to develop a culture of data use based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Currently over 2 million people are internally displaced in Ethiopia and most of them are conflict induced displacement. In response to the recent intercommunal conflict and resultant displacement between Gedeo and West Guji zones, UNDP designed a project entitled “Stabilization & Recovery Support for Communities Affected by Gedeo-West Guji Displacement”. The overall goal of this project is to contribute towards safe, dignified and resilient lives among displacement affected communities through enhanced livelihoods restoration, accelerated socioeconomic recovery and support for peace building efforts. The project also seeks to stabilize the displacement crisis through supporting market-led solutions that strengthen and deepen local markets and paving the way towards improved peace by restoring trust and confidence and facilitating structured intra-and inter community dialogue. Through a resilience-based development approach, UNDP takes a longer-term perspective from the outset, focusing on strengthening the capacity of communities to cope with the crisis through immediate emergency interventions, by bolstering livelihoods, infrastructure and basic services; recover from the socio-economic impact of the crisis by regaining productive assets; and sustain this recovery toward development through a functioning and peaceful socio-economic and political environment where development gains are protected.