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The Headley Trust – Grants for Sub-Saharan Africa

The Headley Trust - Grants for Sub-Saharan Africa 1

The Headley Trust – Grants for Sub-Saharan Africa- to promote access to safe water, promoting better use of water resources and sanitation projects; sustainable farming and livelihood development; helping girls to continue their education beyond primary school, students’ access to secondary and tertiary education and projects to improve the quality of teaching; trachoma prevention and treatment programmes in Ethiopia and care for mothers and infants in sub-Saharan Anglophone Africa; projects tackling the aftermath of conflict

Location: sub-Saharan Africa

Are we Eligible for grant?

It should be understood that the great majority of proposals are unsuccessful. The trustees wish to discourage charities from wasting time and resources on applications that fall outside the trusts’ remit.

The trusts only fund registered charities or activities with clearly defined charitable purposes. None of the trusts directly supports individuals, education fees or expeditions.

The following trusts: AshdenGatsbyGlass-HouseIndigoMark LeonardStaples (except for The Frankopan Fund) and Tedworthdo not consider applications as they proactively seek out their own proposals. Linbury does not generally make grants in response to unsolicited applications. The Monument trustees have completed their plan to spend the Trust’s endowment and close down the Trust. Grant applications will no longer be considered.

The other trusts: Alan & BabetteHeadleyJerusalemJJTrue Colours and Three Guineas will consider proposals only if they closely fit the trusts’ specific areas of interest.