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The Best Advice About How To Research An Employer Before An Interview

Obviously, you don’t need to commit every single detail to memory, but draw your own conclusions about where you think the company is headed in the future based on the facts you’re presented with—and then be able to articulate those thoughts to your interviewer. This will show that you’re already thinking of ways that will help them succeed as a business.

Are they active on social media?

In addition to studying their website, you should also check up on their social media activity. Find the company on LinkedIn and read the featured updates. LinkedIn is a great resource for determining the type of information they want people to know. (As a bonus, they will be able to see that you’ve viewed their profile, which shows that you did your research and are taking the upcoming interview seriously.)

In addition to LinkedIn, check their Twitter and Facebook pages, and note the tone (professional or casual?), the topics they post about, whether there’s any interaction from their followers, and how they deal with complaints or negative comments. Tuck away the information you glean to use as talking points during the interview process.

What’s unique about their industry?

Of course, you want to know all you can about the specific company you’re interviewing with, but you also want to familiarize yourself with the field in general. It’s impressive to potential employers when you can hold an intelligent conversation about the industry, their competitors, and where they fit in the grand scheme of things.