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The Best Advice About How To Research An Employer Before An Interview


You can find competitors using LinkedIn; scroll down until you see the section called “Other Companies People Viewed.” This is usually a list of companies who provide the same or similar services. And when you’re researching competitors, you want to focus on big-picture things, not details about specific projects.

If possible, research the interviewer

If you know who is going to be interviewing you, it’s a good idea to look up their LinkedIn profile and find out more about their position at the company. Obviously, you should avoid saying anything specific in the interview that would come off as intrusive (such as any personal information), but knowing more about their role within the company as well as their job responsibilities can help you tailor your responses to address things that are important to them.

Learn what other candidates were asked

Another benefit of using Glassdoor to research an employer is that it often allows you to see what questions were asked of other candidates. You can also learn about the overall interview process and read the impressions that people had of the company and the whole experience. This could be valuable “insider information” that could help you find ways to stand out. You’ll be learning from other candidates’ mistakes, and you’ll have the opportunity to formulate answers to specific questions before the interview takes place.