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Resident Engineer-ADP Ingénierie Jobs In Ethiopia

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ADP Ingénierie

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Job description

The Resident Engineer is accountable for the execution of the Engineer’s Representative responsibilities on the project(s). He/she will be responsible for the profitable delivery, discharge and performance of the Consultant’s Supervision duties as described in the Consultancy scope of works and for the Engineer’s responsibilities (as described beneath the FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Redbook, Yellowbook, …)Resident Engineer supervises the planning, coordination, and implementation of building projects. The Resident Engineer will take full responsibility and shall be in charge for the nice overall performance of the supervision things to do in accordance with the contract, the codes & standards, and specifications, to the best possible expert standards.

The Resident Engineer ensures that the contractor(s) has the proper approvals and NOCs from Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs):

      1. to perform the construction works, and
      2. the handover of the construction components to the Client.


He/she is in charge of the relations with the Client and Contractor(s) Management, as for, when applicable the PMC, on an everyday basis. In addition, the Resident Engineer is in cost to discover any new business opportunity on his task

This role will report directly to the Regional Director and/or the Project Director.

The role involved, inter alia, the management of the daily activities and performance of the Supervision team . He/She has a relation with:

      • All the ADP Ingénierie local staff

All the external entities are necessary to his/her job execution i.e. constant liaisons with the PMC, the Client and other Consultants on project related matters.or in the region.

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