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Scholars needed from USA To African

Scholars needed from USA To Ethiopia

Farmer to farmer is looking for scholars for  Human nutrition research and development volunteer to go to Ethiopia. Please see the link for more information:

CRS Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) Program is a USAID funded 5-year program (July 2018 – June 2023) that will provide technical assistance from United States (U.S) volunteers to farmers, farmer groups (cooperatives and associations), agribusinesses and other agriculture sector institutions.


Send resumes and availability to   

BJ201 Strategic Planning for Foyer Don Bosco

BJ202 Strategic Planning for Cashew Cooperative

BJ203 Data Collection Development

BJ204 Digital Finance

BJ205 Beekeeping


Send resumes and availability to

ET200 Livestock Fattening

ET201 Small-scale Irrigation and Soil Fertility

ET202 Cheese Product Quality and Processing

ET203 Human Nutrition Research and Development


Volunteers do not need to be from the US.

Send resumes and availability to

Full assignment descriptions will be posted in January. First volunteers might arrive in March.

  • Human lab personnel training on Zoonotic Diseases (ZD) diagnostic techniques
  • Vet outpost cold chain assessment/integration point analysis
  • Training for vets/paravets on specimen collection, packaging, storage, transport (w/ kit distribution)
  • Community entry and participatory design process for agro-pastoralist groups
  • Collaborative curriculum development for One Health (OH) community-based livestock disease surveillance
  • Train veterinary actors in community-based One Health livestock disease surveillance curriculum (Focused on priority ZDs)
  • Design/conduct a series of SBCC campaigns based on assessment results, using mass media, community events, and interpersonal strategies
  • Develop BCC flip books around ZDs in animals and OH
  • Development of One Health decentralized training module
  • Training on One Health Thinking for decentralized OH committees
  • Workshops for committees to develop multi-sectoral communications and information sharing plans


Send resumes and availability to