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The best Fresh Graduates Jobs in Ethiopia 2019

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“Quo Vadis, New Graduate jobs in Ethiopia?”

According to a recent survey by Job Outlook, for the third year now there is a positive increase in hiring fresh college graduates jobs in Ethiopia for 2019. Business owners plan on hiring more from the class of 2018-19 than they did from the 2017-18 class as well as offering higher compensation and benefits for the new hires.

In the annual survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, nine out of ten companies describe the new jobs in Ethiopia market as good, very good, and excellent. Public accounting and consulting firms narrated the brightest prospect for the future graduates, while engineering and construction firms supported the idea by saying they’ll also be hiring.

There is a growing demand for new graduates in the job market as a result of the also growing products and services they offer and to keep up with the retiring HR staff.

Who are in demand jobs in Ethiopia?

• Mechanical engineering jobs vacancy in Ethiopia
• Electrical engineering
• Accounting jobs vacancy in Ethiopia
Business administration/ management
Economics/finance jobs vacancy in Ethiopia
• Computer science
• Information sciences and systems
• Marketing/marketing management
• Computer engineering
• Chemical engineering jobs vacancy in Ethiopia