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The best Fresh Graduates Jobs in Ethiopia 2019

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Mechanical engineering graduates topped the list and eyeing on them are aerospace, automotive, mechanical equipment manufacturers. They also plan on hiring graduates with Ph.D.s in science and computer-related courses.

Banking, transportation, financial, and insurance services are seeking Economics/Finance graduates. The food and beverage processing companies, merchandisers, and financial services will need more Business Administration/Management degree holders.

One-third of business owners plan on hiring associate graduates categorized into three: technology, engineering and business related degrees.

Insurance and engineering/surveying companies appear the most in need of 4-year course graduates for they bear a productive kind of technical knowledge which does not require more training. They belong to the hands-on workforce who developed a good work ethic which is sadly observed by employers as missing in previous amateur graduates.

During the survey, only 27.8%, (mainly manufacturers) respondents planned on hiring international graduates in 2018.

What qualities should a new graduate possess?

• Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Must be honest and has a high regard with integrity
• Can easily relate to others
• Maintain a strong work ethic
• Can work well with others –TEAMWORK
• Analytical skills
• Must be self-motivated and initiative
• Adaptability to change
• Updated computer skills
• Observant to details