The best Fresh Graduates Jobs in Ethiopia 2019

jobs in ethiopia

The standards of companies’ ideal candidates are often higher than the last year’s. It is important that new graduates show good G.P.A.s as full-time jobs come with good benefits coming from good revenues. Salary, should not be the sole consideration when looking for jobs, benefits are part of it.

Here are some of the lists of jobs benefits:

• Life and Medical/Dental insurance
• Retirement plans
• Annual and semi-annual increase
• Employee counseling program
• Dress code
• Paid training
• Bonus and commissions
• Family benefits
• Flexi-time
• Performance updates
• Vacation and sick leaves
• On-site fitness and recreational facilities
• Daycare center
• Company car/service

The best places to seek competitive employers can be on-campus job fairs, during on-the-job-trainings, student organizations and clubs, Internet search, job search engines, etc. What’s important is that you target the right employers. Don’t let an opportunity pass, get in the interview to know more about their career offers and don’t forget to research about the company.

You must be able to discuss your career objectives and compose a list of relevant and creative questions you can ask yourself.

The wage for the New Graduate jobs in Ethiopia

Fresh out of college, most people are excited about landing that first job. Given that most grads do not have work experience or only had a part-time job while studying, it is not easy to secure an executive position right away.

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