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The best Fresh Graduates Jobs in Ethiopia 2019

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Starting from scratch, one has no choice but to start from the bottom in an entry-level position than in time move to the top. The challenge most grads face in applying for a job is the competition. Aside from those who just graduated, there are also those who have left the previous job and are looking for a new one.

According to hiring and compensation experts, there is not that much room to negotiate when one is just a fresh grad. This is because that person does not have substantial work experience as a basis to negotiate for a higher wage compared to those who have already worked before.

The range of the salary fresh Graduates get is based on the course one has finished in college. To those who volunteered to be surveyed, it was found that people who graduated from the sciences were able to get a higher salary compared to those who graduated from the liberal arts.

A tip that may help a little in the negotiation process is knowing your potential and not easily giving in or selling yourself short. In the course of an interview, it will boil down to how much you will be getting. Most fresh Graduate accepts what is given immediately and reply “ok” ending it there.