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Video Producer or Film Camera Operator

UNOPS is seeking a Public Information or Video Producer or Film Camera Operator, the incumbent will perform the following duties based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Job title: Video or Film Camera Operator, Addis Ababa

Organization: UNOPS – United Nations Office for Project Services
Country: Ethiopia
City: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Office: UNOPS ETOH Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health conceptualize the duty and responsibility of the ministry of health Public Relation and communication Directorate and work with variety of Health multimedia programs production members and ability of using a computer and graphics software to create the necessary awareness of health related issue throughout the country. This is therefor, the ministry decided to hire qualified individuals to support the communication team.

Under the supervision of the Chief of Public Information or Video or video Producer, the incumbent will perform the following duties based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

• Works with production team to shoot or assist in the shooting of UN activities including news features, special programmes and b-rolls for local, national or international distribution; supports production of audio-visual material (from drafting and updating scripts to editing final products);
• Prepares and distributes footage for Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health and partners in required formats Secures filming permits;
• Serves as camera operator and part of mission film crew and facilitates the work of producers from broadcast organizations who are covering Ministries’ missions and events , including setting-up backgrounds and lighting for news events, press conferences, etc.;
• Supports distribution of broadcast products and delivery of footage for editing; Helps to identify appropriate video and audio materials for individual productions;
• Ensures proper set-up, maintenance and storage of TV equipment and accessories and smooth operations of TV studio (if any);
• Ensures proper documentation of video data including labelling, storage and archiving; Assists with the procurement of cameras, sound and lighting equipment, as required;
• Weather, environments, budgets and/or actor availability can dictate film-shooting schedules.
• Movie camera operators work on motion picture projects, and therefore may have steady work for long intervals followed by times when the individual is between films.
• Film camera operators fulfill very specific orders from directors who have an exact vision of the scene.
• The ability to listen and follow someone else’s conceptual path is vital.
• At the same time, the camera operator must be able to explain to a director why something may not be achievable with the equipment at hand.
• At such times, he or she must be able to suggest alternate approaches that can accomplish the vision, Such as computer graphics and/or innovative ways of rigging the film equipment.
• Prepare timely plan of action
• Capture and edit video or film for TV program, documentary film, TV news, creative spots and other of production of multimedia presentations.
• Consult with Director to determine needs; communicates with assigned case team to maintain customer satisfaction; works closely with Directorate staff to ensure consistency and aligned mission accomplishment;
• Operate a variety of appropriate digital equipment’s and keep them safe and clean
• Support also in video photograph capturing for directorate publications.
• Assist in creating spot message fitting captures when appropriate.
• Maintain confidential information appropriately and exercise good judgment when communicating with the public.
• Prepare and present timely report to the case team
• Perform other duties as assigned.
1. Required Skills