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WASH Cluster Coordinator-UNICEF

UNICEF is currently seeking applications from eligible applicants for the post of WASH Cluster Coordinator, NOC, based  Oromia Regiona Ethiopia 

Ethiopia is currently facing a large scale humanitarian crisis. Since early June 2018, there has been renewed violence along the border of Gedeo and West Guji, led to a large-scale displacement of up to 1 million people across the two regions, some of them returning to their areas of origin in West Guji and with significant disparities in the numbers according to the different sources. IDPs/returnees in West Guji are currently in collective sites.

In the Somali border, there are over 600,000 IDPs displaced as a consequence of conflict and natural disasters. According to DTM round 12 there are 931,802 IDPs in the entire Oromia region.

Most IDPs are lacking adequate food, water and substandard sanitation and hygiene facilities, and the service was already insufficient before the onset of the conflict. Most IDPs have lost their household items as they have fled in haste with nothing more than personal possessions.

The current situation in Oromia region shows high levels of exposure to different hazards (natural and man-made), linked with high levels of socio-economic vulnerability and an institutional framework that still requires improvement minimize risks to the population and to improve emergency coordination, preparedness and response.